First Youngest Mother in Britain Until Now

A girl being eight months’ having condition of pregnancy is to be become the youngest mother in Britain. She became pregnant at 11 and she was of 12 years and eight months old when she had the child. She is entitled the youngest mother in Britain until now. She was told as she was 12 years and 9 months old when she gave birth. Talking about her, it was happened on that night when she had loses her senses due to immortal habits.

This mother-to-be says she feels uncomfortable to bath a child and she is also frightened when her baby feels sick. However, she claimed she has been totally prepared for being a mother since she has looked after her younger brothers.She knows how to feed a baby how to change diapers. She was excited and looking forward for having walks with her newborn.

Her mother is proud of her who is the youngest mother in Britain and is always available to her to help her daughter. According to her condition, there were there tests were done by general practitioner which showed negative pregnancy results. So, the girl found out the truth of being pregnant when he bought home testing kit.

After breaking the news to her mother, they had a huge arguments. Further on the pregnancy brought them closer to each other the young girl got full support by her mother in keeping the baby. Although the social workers suggested abortion as possible option but they both neglected their suggestion badly.

During these days of pregnancy she also again started some bad habits which were injurious to health.
After the birth of baby child, her mother looks after her grandchild when her daughter goes in school. At the moment, the girl who hopes to have baby boy, is not sure what she wants to do with her life. Due to immaturity, she has to face this bitter phase of life in her early age.

After all, the most appreciating thing which force all of us to praise this the youngest mother in Britain as she did not pay attention in the state of pregnancy on the suggestion of social workers. She must be appreciated by every society as she proves herself a strong little women around the world and did not lose heart.



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