Fight Reports from Students’ accommodation in London

Undoubtedly, student from around the world love to live in London especially in terms of getting higher education.In this regard accommodation in London always remains at high price with lot of worth. Talking about the London, off course, it is taken as land of opportunities for every new comer and people take risk to testify their luck in this renowned city.

In this renowned city of the world, people get wonderful opportunities for having jobs which help them to grow too fast economical point of view. Rather than business and studying point of view, tourists also love to come here in London for entertainment and recreation as numbers of different forms of entertainment attract them a lot. It also happens tourists in London come for recreation but decided to be lived here due to lot of opportunities.

Talking about the students who come in London as a job seeker, they have first their goal to find out cheap accommodation in London which they succeed to get. There are also many other opportunities for the students are waiting especially for those who come form abroad. Those students who are able to get admission in prestigious universities of London on the merits, they have no trouble at all to find out the accommodation in London.

Because their universities offer them to live in its own hostels but talking about those who get fail they have to find out accommodation in London. Sometimes, they have to face too many problems due to accommodation and they have to sleep on the roads and something like that. But on the other hand, students in London who get succeeded getting admission on merits they have no trouble at all for their residence.

Talking about the fight which has shown between two girls taken from hostels of the students. It is said as this fight is not being reported for the first time. According to the witnesses, it happens off and on when the dispute arise about to pay the rent of accommodation. This dispute often arises among the students who use the accommodation in London.

The fight of these two girls was noticed by the management of the Accommodation and they took a strict notice on it. It also said as they have to leave the accommodation due to their unethical behavior and they also have to pay find which can be impose on them. Both girls were very ashamed on their act when they were appeared in front of their accommodation management.

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