Few Scientists of NASA Believes on Moon Split

NASA has released its report about split of moon once. According to the report, they are not agreed about the split of moon into two halves in ancient time. Actually the scientists are not endorsing the incident which was happened in the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But, Quran repeated it many times in the verses of Surah Qammar. So Muslims in the whole world did not have happy feeling on the report of  NASA.

In this video, everybody can easily show how moon is getting split in the given pictures that is made by some followers. In the pictures, it can easily see the line and the imprints of the event which are nicely taken by special instruments by scientists. If you see the video you will enjoy the whole time with attractive music until it ends.

Undoubtedly, Islam is the religion of truth and we have not need any proof of NASA like institutions to accept the miracles of Prophet. We believe in Prophet and Allah without any proof from any recognized institution like NASA.  So do not miss to share these valuable Islamic material with your beloved ones especially those who are living in London or anywhere in the world.

If we see around the world it comes to know numbers of people are embracing Islam due to its truthfulness. Here I am sharing some names who have entered in the circle of Islam like Muhammad Ali, Akon, Franck Ribery, Cat Stevens and many more.

Share this material to those who have taste of it and do not forget to stay with us for more material like it. Here one thing needs to be shared with you regarding videos. All videos are selected after long deliberation keeping your interests in the minds only to give entertainment and useful information.

Scientists who work in NASA, they deliberately deliver the report about the refusal of moon split. They are also blaming to whole Muslim community as Muslims spread the news about the moon split clarification with reference of NASA. So whether it has any evidence or not we did not care about it any more.


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