Female Students in Trouble in London City

London: Undoubtedly, there is no other option except London City around the world that provides quality education for the foreigners with reasonable expenses. There are number of institutions that offer recognized degrees only in London City. That’s why students select this British metropolitan and come here in London universities for their higher education from rest of the world.

Furthermore, London City not only gives opportunities to the students of abroad to have quality education but also it provides better chances to earn money as well. To get jobs in London City never have been a big issue, however to have some good job at managerial level then it matters with the competency of the candidates. Most of the students get job in either hotels in London or in pizza delivery shop in London.

Talking about the females who go in London City to get education in universities of London City, sometimes they have to face entirely different scenario. To work in open market for females like male candidate, it always has been problem for the daughters of Sub-Continent. There are numbers of restrictions which have to face to females and the first of all is about the restriction of their religion which they hold.

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One renowned anchorperson named Tallat Hussain who conducted one complete program on those female candidates who get ready happily to go for higher study in Universities of London. But they have no idea about the problems which they have to face later in London City. He worked excellently over this issue and told the parents how tough life their daughters spend in London City and in what ways they faced embarrassment just to survive and to save the savings of their parents.

According to laws of British government, students who come from abroad cannot work up to certain limited hours, so they have to do some odd jobs to meet their expenses. In this regard, our daughters have no other options to live in such dirty, unhygienic and unclean room to live in London City. As these girls being students cannot afford the hostels in universities including other expenses that those girls have to afford while living in London City.

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