Female stoned to death horribly in Islamic country

In one of territories of Afghanistan, one lady was dead because of stoned in the locale of Taliban-controlled. It is said as that young lady was run off with obscure man. Rokhsahana was the name of the stoned lady was at the age of 19-21. She was stoned by law.

They place her in the gap up to her gut and after that stoned her. As indicated by data there were around 15 men who firstly enclosed her then stoned her up to death. She was begun to cry with agony when she was stoned. The voices of crying can be heard in the given video.

It was the date of 23 of October in Firozkoh, the name of the city of Afghanistan, where she was stoned. These records had been affirmed from the authorities of administration of Afghanistan later. It was likewise cleared by the Governor about the stoned young lady. He cleared about the stoning young lady with the name of Rokhsahana.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/D7l2j

One out of two female Governors named Joyenda, she additionally recounted about the account of Rokhsahan as she was being hitched out of her will. She attempted to be absconded with her own particular decision however she was gotten. She would not like to be hitched to that individual to whom she didn’t care for.

Discussing the man who was the accomplice of the stoned young lady, he was likewise rebuffed with lashes. He additionally got the discipline as per Islamic tenets. One thing that we should impart to every one of you as these are the Islamic disciplines so it can’t be remorseless like other individuals says. So we ought to fare thee well while reporting such sorts of cases in which Islam specifically or in a roundabout way included.

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