Female on the road gets insulted

Today is the age of internet and everything gets viral on social media within no time. Internet means there are number of internet portals like google, yahoo, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more which are being used by our new generation. Today, everybody wants to be updated with the news conditions of the world, so he also remains in touch with these updates.

Social media have become the need of the world especially for the new generation who have been fully addicted to it. About ten years ago, one could never think about these types of activities which we are seeing now a days and people have no imaginations at all about all this. People were very calm and relax and there was no haste in people.

Just after passing some years, especially on the arrival of mobile or cell phones the entire world has been changed. Everybody seems very busy as if he is the only person around the world who has work to do and others are not. People have no time not only for their beloved ones but also for himself. People always remain in the state of so called working position.

After passing the era of mobile phones, there is another revolution which has changed the whole picture of the world which is called as social media. If people remain on the cell or mobile phones it may be little bit better for them but after the arrival of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more, it has ruined the beauty of the life.

From the day first of its arrival, people have become totally mad for this and everybody seems crazy for this. Every single news which still is considering for breaking news, it gets expires on social media. things are started to be old after the arrival of it and people are started to be off from this very soon. People are also started to misuse it as there is no check on it regarding its purity or impurity.Given video is also the example of that negotiation which is rehearsal video of famous actress name Neelum Munir. She is having rehearsal for her new performance and it has been on air on social media without her will. If it is released by any news channel it may have to pay some penalty but here video has been released and there is no penalty and this is called as social media.


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