Fawad Khan becoming the part of Celebrities

At the present time, to get rid from Media has become impossible by celebrities throughout the whole world. Media did not left them alone even try to interrupt in their private life just to get some breaking news. For celebrities, it has become impossible to go outside of their homes as they might be caught by Media. The sense to follow celebrities might be different sometimes in positive ways and sometimes in negative.

Celebrities have number of followers who like them a lot and try to adopt the ways as their favorite ones do. So Media knows very well at what point they can get more rating as people give attention to their favorite ones so they always remain after celebrities. So to get rating, Media always follow those celebrities who are the most favorite in the public and try to have full information about the celebrities.

Different brand companies also have their trends to hire the most famous celebrities to promote their products and they try to select that one who has strong influence in public. Most of the time, the commercial of Jewellery sets, special suiting, makeup kits and diamond rings; these are the products which are being promoted by the celebrities.

By choosing most famous celebrities, the people who love to him started to use those products in which they appear and say something good for those products. For example, after listening the featuring of special suiting or special brand of jewllery sets, people start to buy those products. Same is the case of others products like diamond rings and makeup kits, people do believe a lot on their celebrities and start to purchase all those things blindly.

Talking about Fawad Khan who also has got fame of that level as one can easily have a view of given video clip. He only said to his directors that he will never do any unethical scene in his movie. So this was the line which become breaking news for media and started to revolve around the country. Actually media itself nothing without these news and celebrities also want media to work this way.

Celebrities themselves use the power of media in their starting career and remain attach with it. So when they feel they have no more need of it they started to ignore it. Everybody wants popularity in this world and celebrities are at the top of list in those people. So to get fame without media is impossible in this era. So both celebrities and media have very close relation with each other.

Media Encircles Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt

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