Emergence of Ahmadiyya Group in British Rule

Undoubtedly, this so called group of Muslims was originated in British Rule when Muslims of Sub-Continent were struggling badly to get their own country. It was very tough time for Muslims of Sub-Continent who were fighting with two powers: one was Hindu who never missed any occasion to degrade them and other one was Britain.

Actually British Government had got their rule form the hands of Muslims rulers so they had no soft corner for them and always kept them at low level than the Hindu. In this tenor, they decided to divide the Muslims with their wealth and power. They originated another group in Sub-Continent and started to support it beyond the way.

People who were entered in this group they got too much wealth and honor from the opponents of the religion Islam. They also started to campaign for this religion. Actually, in Islamic point of view, Hazrat Imam Mehndi yet to come and according to hadiths he will appear in Makkah city but he was not appeared in Makkah but started to say himself as Imam Mehndi.

Some analysts say it was the big conspiracy against religion Islam and opponent wanted to damage it form the day first. The man who was chosen by the opponent of Islam he was the big name personality but when he was indulged in this conspiracy, all renowned personalities started to condemned him badly. It all was done in British Rule.

He was the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani who lived in the city of India where people of Ahmadiyya Group yet go at his city to celebrate his day. Given video is the person who has left the religion of Ahmadiyya and has been entered in real religion of Islam

In the British Rule, it got its fame in those areas which were not familiar to Islam but in those areas where Muslims were lived in bulk it remained weak in those areas. So after a long struggle of Muslims Scholars, in the reign of Zulfiqar Bhutto, he declared them non-Muslims and put them all in minorities.

Blood relation of Mirza Masroor Leaves his religion

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