Elephant gone uncontrolled in Indian Crowd

It is the footage of one Indian elephant that had gone uncontrolled in crowd and one man had become the victim of that elephant. Talking about the hardships of the man since the day of its first foot on this earth seems never ending and man always remains in the condition to resolve these problems.

Sufferings and shortcomings of the routine life always kept to man busy and motivated to make his life simple and easier through finding the solution of his problems. During the days of ignorance, people got some problems which were perceived by natural but these were totally hand made by men which were found later.

Talking about the recent footage in which one elephant became uncontrolled and started to hurt to his master who was sitting on it and showing some tricks. People got scattered after this situation as that elephant started to hit badly to his master and was not seemed to quit that activity.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/vo1qE

In India, people love to this animal and have some religion affinities with this animal. Talking about the preciousness of animal, elephant has its too much worth due to its bones which are used to make some decorated things. There are many decorated pieces which are made by the bones of the elephant which are called ivory made things.

In developed countries, people love to purchase those things which are made by ivory and also too much prices. Indian elephant also has lot of worth as Indian people worship this animal and never want to hurt him like in other countries. They give lot of respect to this animal.In this regard, the people who can be seen in this footage are not doing anything with the elephant but on the other hand, elephant is badly hurting to their one of associates. People are running here and there and there are only some people who are trying to rescue that victim from the mad animal.

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