Drivers of Cabs and Rickshaws around the World

The profession of Cabs and Rickshaws has large number of users all around the world. By using the profession of Cabs, hundreds and thousands of people are defeating the unemployment and having very handsome income on daily basis. In other words, cabs profession is taking part significantly to reduce the employment. People of the most populated cities like London, New York, Paris, Madrid and Berlin likes to have cabs rather to use their own vehicles.

After contribution at vast level in economy, cabs driver do not get desired respect from their users. They mostly treated badly just like petty and frivolous things. Only in New York City, there are number of cabs that run on the roads on daily basis and provide transportation facility to residents. But, there are also some incidents reported regarding disrespect with cabs driver even in New York City, the most educated population of the world.

London, Paris and Berlin are the cities in which cabs are working day and night without any break and holiday as well. In the year of 2014, in London City Cabbies arranged protest against the Uber Company that introduced some online system for the users to heir the cabs but with some commissions. The same protest was also seen in other big cities of European countries as cabbies were directly affecting with this policy.

In London City, there is also another service named Rickshaw working with the same passion as the cabbies are doing. The users of this service get more enjoy than the cabs. The owners of Rickshaws have no need for engine to drive but powerful legs. They give amusement to the tourists and theatergoer. According Rickshaw Association, there are 700 rickshaw drivers who are facilitating to the Citizens of London.

This Rickshaw service is also found in Sub-Continent countries and also working at vast level. Given video also telling the story of one Rickshaw driver who is being taunted from an old woman. Rickshaw driver is putting his best to slip away but he becomes helpless at the end. So that boy gets into the Rickshaw and set off to for his destination. He got too much disturbed from old lady’s behavior with the Rickshaw driver.

After travelling to some distant, he said to the driver to stop the rickshaw. He stopped and asked him why he said him to stop as he was in hurry to go somewhere. That young body asked him to offer prayer as it was the time of prayer. This story tells us lesson to behaving everybody nicely even with rickshaw and cabs drivers. They deserve it due to their untired services which they are providing from the day first.

Are Cabs and Rickshaw Drivers equally treated in World

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