Dog with his master makes history

Girl surprises his boyfriend when they get disturbed by a dog during their romance. It is shown in the video clip that a couple is enjoying their loneliness but at the same time they face a phase of distress when a dog comes in their love story.Girl comes forward to push the dog back and hit the dog with one of her shoe but it did not affect and dog continues to bark on both of them.

Then girl uses her costumes and throws those costumes on dog but in vain. This act left her boyfriend shocked and it was a very miserable and pathetic situation for both as they have become the picture of helplessness.After struggling at her level best, girl uses her last tool and is started to wash her face from the water tank that is placed near to them.

She turns her face towards dog and is started to shout on dog. Dog gets stunned and runs away from that couple. Now she further goes forward to hit the dog with her wig and throws it on dog but in vain.Actually it is a video of cosmetic product in which publisher is promoting about the cosmetic related things. In this video it is told that cosmetic industry has gone one step forward in the world.

They give us the example by this video clip that how they can change the look of male or female face by using these cosmetic products.Cosmetic industry is growing day by day in the developing countries. It is moving from Europe and USA towards third world countries for last one and half decade rapidly.

Now it is going to become the necessity of the people in developing countries like Pakistan and India that is too much alarming.This video got viral on all internet portals when it was published. The role of the girl is worth seeing as she responded toward dog.


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