Dog does very different with owner

A dog is frightened from a girl when she appears with her original face. You can see in this video that a couple is making romance while dog comes from somewhere and disturbs them. A girl tries to get rid from dog but dog stuck with them and is continuously started barking on them.After throwing her one shoe on dog, she feels that it has become difficult to get rid from dog.

So she takes very unusual steps and is started to throw her costumes on dog leaving her boyfriend surprised. But dog does not get frightened and continue to bark.At the end, girl uses her last trick and is started to wash her face from water tank. She turned toward dog after washing her face and just giver the gesture to dog as she is coming to catch the dog.

The dog gets scared and run away.Actually this video belongs to cosmetic publicity in which the publisher is promoting its cosmetic products. It is trying to show their viewers at what level cosmetics can change the people even it can give the look of opposite sex. If you are a man you can look like woman and vice versa.

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The use of cosmetics has been increased at large in the world not only in the advanced countries but also it has become the necessity of daily life in developed countries. Cosmetic industry has jolted the world badly and billions of dollars are spent to fulfill the desires.

Fashion industry totally depends on cosmetics. If there will be no cosmetics there will be no fashion. Now a days, fashion industry is growing beyond the limits and it is going to become the culture of countries. This industry started from the America and Europe and now has been launched at vast level in third world countries. And girl-community is the leading factor to promote it at this level.

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