Do not upload pictures of your children on internet

Presently a days, there is unfathomable experience of individuals to share their youngsters pictures on various web entryways. Individuals are begun to send their best pictures on web at whatever point they get their kids best pictures through their mobiles. They even don’t sit tight for a moment to transfer the photos.

Religious researcher discusses this propensity in subtle element furthermore gives refer to from Quran. He portrayed the occasion of Prophet Yousaf who saw dream in which he saw eleven stars with sun and moon. He advised his fantasy to his dad named Hazrat Yaqoob A.S. He likewise listened the entire dream quietly.

In the wake of listening to the entire dream, he requesting that he know structure individuals as he would have a few issues from his environment. Really Hazrat Yaqoob did not let him know the genuine photos of the fantasy as Hazrat Yousaf was extremely close to face inconvenience from his siblings.

He facilitate tells as it was the entire matter of stink eye which influenced the entire existence of Hazrat Yousaf. His siblings were desirous to him at amazing level because of which they cast him in the well. So he related the component of hostile stare which straightforwardly influence over existences of individuals.

At some point hostile stare bothers the entire existences of individuals and individuals can’t know the genuine reason. He additionally gives verifications of stink eye as said in the Quran. In this way, he offers exhortation to Muslims as they ought not transfer the photos of their cherished youngsters to maintain a strategic distance from stink eyes of various individuals.


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