Divine Power in Lineage of Prophet Muhammad

The Lineage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is chiefly separated into three groups. In first group, historians placed the prophets starting from Prophet Muhammad (Muhammad) and goes back to Ma’ad Ibn Adnan. In second, they start from Adnan Ibn Add Ibn Humaisi back to Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. Lastly, they place those names to whom this whole process was started, Hazrat Ibrahim Ibn Tahir Ibn Nahur back up to Hazrat Adam R.A.

It is often discussed in our religious meetings about the Arab’s attention regarding genealogy of tribe member. Arabs used to pay much attention on lineage and also saved the knowledge of it meticulously. This genealogy concern was too much important not only before Islam but also after spreading of Islam.

Talking about lineage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), one can smell it from a hundred miles how distinctive and unique it is. Lineage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the single genealogy process in the rest of the world that can be recalled with names from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) back to Hazrat Adam R.A. Anyone would definitely not find any ambiguity in this whole process.

Nobody can claim in this world even any Prophet or Saint about his conserved lineage except Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this context, we can easily conceive about the love of Allah with his last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah is the only authority in this universe who can save and preserve the so-old facts in this world without any uncertainty.

It did not stop at the lineage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); it keeps on even in the daily routine life of beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah declares prophet’s deeds and sayings of great worth as of Quran Verse. Allah also likes the gestures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and swears of His Prophet while walking in Makkah.

In the end, it is considered as debt on everyone who writes on lineage of Prophet Muhammad, he will have to write one important thing in the sacred lineage of Prophet Muhammad. In the whole lineage, one cannot find anyone who ever committed extramarital activity in his whole life.

Image Source: allahs-miracles.com

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