Disgusting Situation of Boys and Girls of our Generation

Despite of age, civilization or society, all men are looking for girls with same qualities which are impossible. Very few of them have some understanding level about this bitter reality but mostly are very stick to their will and never give in. Those men mostly become the prey of clever girls who are already waiting for such fools who want to be cheated from beautiful girls.

Talking about the ways as how beautiful and girls attract to men and how men become prey of beautiful girls, it is very easy for girls in our society to deceive male department especially in uneducated areas. Firstly, girls use their smiling face to attract those persons who already have intentions to get close to that girl.

The second important feature which attracts to males towards and beautiful girl is mostly their confidence which make them prominent from all others. Confidence is that one of precious thing which is not common but the girls who are gifted with these qualities are always remained in good state of mind and can easily make fool to boys especially boys.

In the given footage, one can notice in what way our new generation is getting spoil day by day and denies everybody without thinking to whom they are replying in negation. When one sister asked her brother to go outside and bring some things for her use, he directly denied to go and pretended of hot weather.

In the next moment, when she asked him to give her book which was very close to him he again replied with the same manner and asked her to do it herself. In the meantime, her mother came to him and said to go out to bring some edibles for tonight dinner and he again replied with the same style and asked her mother about the hot weather.

In the next moment while working on laptop, he receives a call on his cell phone which was his girlfriend and asked him to come out in hot weather to meet her. it is very alarming how our generation has become mad for girls and ready to do everything for them. Now he did not have feeling of hot weather and went out in rush.


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