Disgusting Photo viral on Facebook

One of disturbing photo becomes viral on Facebook at times when one mother makes a pose with her son having one of disgusting object in her hand. When this photo was posted on Facebook by the mother it became viral within no time.

It is also told as this photo belongs to the residents of South America. The reason to viral the photo on Facebook around the world is just to recognize the child which is seemed to be harassed by the woman. It is just doing with the hope as someone would definitely recognize to his beloved child.

It is also pleasant thing for the viewers as the object that is pointed on the child does not feel real and it is relaxing thing for those to whom this child belongs to. This story was released on September 11, 2013 and appeared on one of Argentinian Facebook page.

People who belong to internet world started to locate the woman and child desperately after seeing that disturbing image. They are doing with the hope as someone will definitely be familiar either with the woman or the child. Many people took the gesture of that woman against children’s rights.

The organizations related to children rights also took action against this photo and started to play its role to locate those pictures’ members. They also try to aware the people not to make photos in which someone seems harassed. On the other hand, people also had positive notions as it may be picture of mother and son.


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