Disgraceful video viral on Social Media

One disgraceful video which has been viral on social media, it is said it belongs to Arabs states especially from one part of Dubai. This video is depicting very disgraceful picture to those who belongs to Dubai or permanent resident of Dubai. It can be said in simple language the permanent Arabs of Dubai woman is shown in this picture who is torturing on one man.

This footage has been viral on social media within no time and has got attention from all over the world. Especially from those countries from where people travel to Dubai to earn their livelihood and live there. The families of those countries are very upset having this footage on social media. They have very valid reason for their worries as they all families have their beloved ones in these Arabs States for working purposes.

It is also said that man who is getting punished seems as a servant of that Arab lady. That woman is giving punishment in very different manner. She has no heart in her body it seems after seeing that footage which has been viral. She seized his feet and hanged him with a club and beating him with a stick brutally which is very disgusting.

She speaks in Arabic that is why it has been cleared as this footage belongs to Arabs states or from Dubai. She continuously speaks Arabic while torturing him. The people who travel to Arabic states with the purpose to stable their economic conditions, they often have to receive such type of treatments. But this time it has become extraordinary and it never happened earlier as somebody has sentenced to anybody like this way.

After getting viral on social media, this act of Arabic woman has lowered the heads of all Ummah as our religion does allow us for these kinds of acts. Our religion teach us for mercy and kind and especially with those who your’s servant. Even it teaches to its believers to forgive their servants for 70 times in a day but this lady forgot everything and sentenced that man brutally.

Until, no identity has been made regarding this viral video on social media either for that male who is getting punished or that lady. It is still a mystery to which Arabic states this video belongs. Anyhow, from which states it belongs but it should not be happened as we have no right to deal our servants with this way. We should abide by our rules and regulation in their lives and do not forget our origin.


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