Disgraceful Footage gets viral on Social Media

Some days before, one video became viral on social media that is known as disgraceful Dubai footage in which one Arab woman is torturing physically to one man. That man seems to be the servant of that woman or those women as numbers of people travel to Dubai from different developing countries to have reasonable income to take care of their families.

Most of the people belongs to Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other such countries which are not able to provide much resources to its subject to get reasonable livelihood while living in their own countries. These people travel to Abu dhabi, Dubai and other Arabs states to earn their livelihood to secure their children’s future.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/v0yGt

Talking about the prior conditions of these people of Arabs states before the emergence of Islam, they were totally ignorant and savage with no reality of life. They used to hurt each other and also to those who seldom came in their areas accidentally. They had long fighting era which used to start from one generation and remained till its 10th or more than it.

But, with the emergence of Islam, they were changed and won with the merciful preaching of Islam. They were turned into world’s best generations and chosen ones and started to lead the world in just thirty years. Preaching of Islam changed their minds and souls and they all started to embrace not only their own people but also to those who were not belonged to Arabs. They were taught as they were all alike without any difference of soil.

But, after having this new video viral on social media, it seems as those pioneers have started to distorted their religion with their disgraceful acts. Due to this recent footage, the heads of whole Ummah has been lowered as it does not depict the original shape of our religion but these belong to ours. We all of us should take action on this video especially to that government from where it belongs to due to which very false face has been presented in the world.

People travel to Dubai and other Arabs states just to earn their livelihood not for these as this footage is showing the reality. Very shameful and regretful video on social media which has lowered the heads of the nations and also has created the doubt in the people who travel to Dubai for their security. It also seems as some rich Arabs women are doing this notoriuos acts. If there was problem from that man it should be brought in the court and should be waited for the result.

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