Defense Technology Going To Be Better

After having a world analysis in the field of world’s best arsenal technology, there would be only few countries which would claim to hold around the world. Undoubtedly, these countries are not developing ones and have proved their economies as the best at world level. But there is also one country which always has been remained in the state of the developing countries but also has shook the world through its world’s best arsenal technology.

When it talks about the technology of Pakistan, numbers of countries remain shocked and think about the potential of it as how it is possible to get world’s best technology being in the state of developing country. But after having a brief history of Pakistan it comes to know how it has forced to attain these arsenal technologies to remain safe from its neighbors.

From the day of birth, Pakistan always has to face bitter rivalry from Indian side that India never missed any occasion of enmity from any side and attacked whenever they got the chances. History reveals each and everything about the famous rivalry of these two countries which starts from the very first issue of Kashmir and ends on nothing.

To keep their stature straight in this region, both countries started to upgrade its arsenal technology without thinking about its poor population which has no proper cloth to dress up and to eat bread for two times a day. Almost both countries have the same situation in this sector but both keep on to prove the best in this region and remain in the run to upgrade its technology sector.

Recently, Pakistani supreme army officials announced about one of drone technology with the name of “Buraq” which is considered to be equivalent to the American technology. Those army officials have made its successful experiment and have included it in the list of the best arsenal technology. According to one of senior analyst, Indian has no match of this drone technology yet.

According to analyst, this drone can go up at the height of 22 thousand feet with the ability of remaining in the air about 12 hours without any pause. According to some of officials, they said it would be proved as a useful edition in technology sector and would help not only for army purpose but also for other defense institutions.

Defense Technology getting better day by day

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