Defense Technology Getting Better Day by Day

When it talks about the defense technology in the rest of the world, there are only few counties who claim as the best ones in this field but there is also another country which is rated in developing country but bestowed with high level of defense technology. Off course, it is an act to leave astonished to everyone as to get that powerful arsenals which are impossible for any other developing country.

It always has been a riddle from that day when the best technology has been achieved as how one country has potential to get those extraordinary skills which is even not able to make needle. When one looks in the history of this country named Pakistan, it easily comes in one’s mind why this country become able to get all these heavy arsenals.

Rivalry always keeps to every nation in the state of awareness as Pakistan has its best one rivalry with its neighbor country from the very first day of its birth. India always took first step in this sector and urge to Pakistan to do it if it wants to be saved from the provocative determinations of India. In the field of arsenals, India was the one and only rival who urged us to get all these technologies which it already had gotten.

Telling the reality after seeing the conditions of both countries’ population, first thing which strikes on one’s mind how they think about the heavy arsenals to maintain when, on the other hand, the population of both countries has very low living standards on both sides? But nobody has reached at this result which power is urging to both countries to put these things on priority instead of their people.

In recent days, Pakistan also has done a successful experiment on its new drone technology with the name of “Buraq” and it is also being said about this technology as it is equivalent to American technology. On the other hand, India is deprived of from this technology according to one of senior analyst. He further says though they have got some drone technologies from its best friends but not of this kind.

According to one of senior analyst, it is completely new technology in the field of arsenals and by the grace of God Pakistan is again one of those which have achieved this arsenal within no time. It can fly at the height of 22000 feet and also has ability to remain in air for 12 hours. Army officials are fully confident on its preparation including its abilities of working.

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