Dazzling Debut of JF-17 in Paris Air Show

Paris: JF-17 showed dazzling aerial performance in its debut at Le Bourget in Paris Air Show. It was done when huge crowds of other aircrafts from different countries were there to show their performances in official opening ceremony in 51st Paris International Air Show. JF-17 Thunder aircraft surprised everyone through its extraordinary performances and received lot of praises after its completion at this international platform.

This JF-17 Thunder actually co-developed by Pakistan and China mutual cooperation. This breathtaking aerial show by the JF-17 stunned everybody in which included extraordinary maneuvers like thunder turns, muscle climb, inverted flight and slow speed performance. The whole thunderous performance as a pilot in this big Paris Air Show was performed by wing Commander Usman.

This Wing Commander Usman left all his spectators spellbound and mesmerized through his extraordinary skills. This whole performance was applauded by the huge crowd when it was landed amidst the thrilled and enchanted crowds after completing the display.

After completion the opening ceremony in Paris Air Show, there was also held a joint press conference by PAF and AVIC. In this occasion, the president of AVIC informed to media as after having successful spells in different Air Shows like in Dubai Air Show, Farnborough Air Show and in Zhuhai Air Show we arrived here in Paris Air Show.

Talking about the features of JF-17 aircraft it has ability to use as substitute of second generation fighter like other countries. As all countries are still getting these second generation fighter and considered it as backbone of its air force. After completion of this mega unit in Paris Air Show, very positive response is seen in terms of trading point of view regarding JF-17 Thunder aircraft.

It was also another joint action showed by AVIC and PAF at international platform in Paris Air Show to promote and cultivate international market for this extraordinary JF-17 aircraft. Currently, in international defense trade market, too much positive market prospects have been seen for JF-17 thunder aircraft. Hope, it will increase with the passage of time due to its extraordinary features and will be useful edition for both countries.

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