David Cameron in Hospital of London City

London: Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron went in the hospital to see one of his closest in hospital of London City. He was just asking the patient about his health and in the meantime the doctor arrived there abruptly and the camera men made the whole movie of that incident. Doctor did not spare to Prime Minister of UK David Cameron and Nick Clegg and asked both of them to leave the room at once so they had to obey the orders of the doctor.

This news became viral on all internet portals and everybody was started to talk about that incident everywhere not only in London City but also around the world. Either people were travelling in the trains in London City or in the buses; this topic had become the nucleus of conversation everywhere. People liked the step which was taken by that senior doctor against the Prime Minister of UK.

Actually the patients who are admitted in the hospitals required more attention than the normal ones. In this regard, the care of the patient does matter and it matters more than the medications. Mostly the patient who belongs to severe head injury, brain stroke or any fracture they need more protection from disturbance. So doctors also do not let even their closest ones to meet the patient.

Hospital itself has the mean of rest and proper and timely medications. Nobody can take care of their beloved ones as they get treated in hospitals as hospital managements have every kind of facilities for the time of emergency. So just for the better health of patient, doctors do not allow to the visitors to meet them as freely as they meet in their daily routine life.

Talking about the incident of hospital, it was the David Nunn, leading hip replacement specialist at Guy’s Hospital in Central London. It was also not the first one occasion when David Nunn became the center of attraction for media units. He is the senior orthopedic surgeon who has performed 1,000 hip replacement operations till now.

Setting aside all issues that were created after this incident in Guy’s Hospital in London City, people did not say anything against the orthopedic surgeon action. How is it possible for a sitting Prime Minister to go with numbers of people at such place where a common person alone did not go especially in the hospital? As it was the matter of health in hospital not the matter of government affair where Prime Minister could go with many people.

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