Darcy Oake Stuns People in London

London: Britain’s Got Talent is the show which has become the biggest one not only in Europe but also in the whole world. First time, it was started in June 9, 2009 with the magnificent direction of Jonathan Bullen with the most famous judge host name Simon Cowell. The auditions of this show are taken mostly in the big cities of UK like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff. This Show has got too much worth due to its very specific style of entertainment.

Darcy Oake is the name who came from Canada to join this show in London. He is a 26 years old magician or illusionist. He also shares his dreams on asking from jury panel. He says that he wanted to be doctor in his childhood but he became an illusionist. He also has degree in this field as one can say him a specialized illusionist.

He further throws light on his previous life and shares the experience of play cards. He said when he was child he used to play card with his father. He says that Britain’s Got Talent is the biggest show in the rest of the world and he has dreamt to come here and to show my trick after my judges and the audience. He wanted to perform on global scale and there was nowhere such a big platform in the world that’s why he came in London to attend this show.

Before the performance in Britain’s Got Talent, he says that he has idea and can smell it as if it goes very well so it can change my whole life as it did. It was the big time for him to show the world what he has learned in his life. He started his magician with the fire and further from fire he generated two pigeons. After the pigeons he got one little bird and a cage for that bird.

In the end he covers the whole cage in which some pigeons are placed and after sometime he converted the whole cage with a beautiful girl. The whole process was worth-seeing and it stuns the whole people including judges.

He left all judges speechless they all were seemed shocked and astonished. This magic left speechless all people of London and they applauded it a lot. There were 20 million viewers who saw this clip on the Youtube. All judges almost have the equal remarks on this wonderful performance and give him a green signal for his next performance.

One man surprises people of London with his tricks

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