Crocodile with Model Under Water

When it talks about the monkeys and crocodile one thing that comes in the minds is the mischievous behavior that belongs to all monkeys weather wild monkeys or those that do not belong to wildlife but have their residence with human masters. Whenever people go in zoo they have their wishes to see the mischievous attitude among monkeys.

Undoubtedly, changing seasons definitely have its effects on every creature of this world and most importantly who live in the forest and in the most for those who are addicted to water. In this running season only small quantity of water that is also available in mud shape is available to all monkeys for recreation and they are trying to enjoy it.

In the given footage, very poor and pathetic condition of crocodile can be shown with very little water quantity where deer are being assaulted by the lion just to have a single sip of water. Due to this season, water is getting out of reach most of the wild animals and, in the end, they are losing their lives. Wildlife institutions should take useful steps in these seasons to rescue the wildlife.

This given footage is clearly depicting the actual picture of that hot summer day where every living creature is trying to come close to water just to have one sip of water. Only one pond of water that is also mixed with mud is there where a group of monkeys want to come close to pond. But, there is also another problem as one crocodile already enjoying in the mud and do not want to be disturbed by anyone.

When one monkey dared to close to pond for drinking water, crocodile seized that monkey with his jaws and tried to engulf him as a whole. This whole situation was very terrifying for the whole wild monkeys and they all attacked on crocodile to rescue their fellow which was still in the powerful jaws of crocodile.

Very interesting and live losing fight was on its way and one crocodile was combating with many wild monkeys. Crocodile was powerful than monkeys but monkeys were many in numbers and they carry on to attack and crocodile had to leave the monkey and ran away from the pound. All monkeys were fought very well to save the life of their monkey fellow.

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