Conversion of Lauren Booth into Religion Islam in London

Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair had taken her oath of being Muslim in London City in a very renowned conference named Global Peace and Unity. She was dressed nicely that completed the demands of Islamic values and also had Hijab on her face as well. She was journalist by her profession before converted to Islam.

When Lauren Booth was questioned why she decided or what thing forced her to convert Islam then the answer was very simple. She replied she was looking comfortable to take Islam as a religion. She also described one of her event when visited in a shrine or Mosque in Qom. According to her, she never ever felt that feelings before which surrounded her at that time. She was talking about spiritual feelings that she had still in her.

Lauren Booth said although she had come here in London but that feelings did not left her. She further stated about her step of conversion as she felt it may put her in hard line situation. So she proved herself a brave female and decided to take oath of Islam in front of thousands of people. She converted to Islam in the most renowned Islamic organization.

So the news of conversion of Lauren Booth spread in the whole UK like fire and all media groups became activated. The news of her conversion had taken in negative means and some people accused her of being mad. After embracing Islam she had to have some unwanted comments but she listened patiently.

At the rare moment when Lauren Booth got oath, she also shared some of her habits that she had been left. She shared that she did not take prohibited drinking from the day when she took decision to embrace Islam. She further shared it was the first time when she was able to stop herself to do that in last 25 years.

According to Lauren Booth, after having firm intention of converting Islam, some spiritual power had been inserted in her who strengthened her against evil doings. According to given video, there are thousands of females who are converting to Islam only in London. The females who attend the Muslim conferences are mostly under the age of 30 in London.

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