The Construction of the Tallest Minaret in Makkah

The tallest Minaret in Makkah was started to construct in 2004 that was structured by Dar Al-Handasah. It has got too much fame due to its height that is 817 meters and is the second tallest gigantic building in the rest of the world. Burj Khalifa is at the first number that is 828 meters in its height and situated in Dubai.

This mega project took a long time for its completion and was accomplished in 2012. The whole gigantic project is very unique in its formation. It has very large clock in its front due to which the whole building is called as Makkah Royal Clock Tower.

On the top of this building, a spire is erected that is 93 meter tall in its length with the largest minaret in the world. The golden minaret is attached with golden crescent on its top that is made of fiberglass backed and mosaic gold. The whole work of construction was finished by world’s renowned companies in the world.

The tallest Minaret in Makkah consists of 120-storey structure and is adorned by world’s largest Clock. The clock is very large and its width is 43m x 43m from all sides. It is also decorated with LED technology lights that illuminated at night and mesmerized the viewers.

This huge building is renowned due to its formation that also has apartments for residence and one enormous five star luxury hotel. The whole residences are constructed for the people of Holy City of Makkah. The hotel is being monitored by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts that is considered very competent management around the world.

The construction of tallest Minaret in Makkah had become such a difficult task when it had reached at the height of 450 meter. The German architecture took responsibility to complete the top portion of this gigantic project and they completed it nicely. The huge Royal Clock was also fitted by German company named PERROT.


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