Conjoined Sisters in Minnesota, USA

Abigail Loraine “Abby” Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel were born on in Carver County on 7th March 1990 in Minnesota, the Midwestern state of USA. Both conjoined sisters were brought up in New Germany in USA. These two babies are twin but having only one body with two heads. The interesting thing about the miracle as apparently only one body but both girls have their own basic organs like stomach, heart, spinal cord and spine as well.

On having a look over their bodies, observer will see two heads with two long necks, down to that there will a chest that will be little bit wider than the normal one. But miraculously they have only two arms and two legs for two heads. At the time of birth, medically they were not fit but after having some operations they got able to spend their life as easy as possible.

At the time of birth, medical specialist told their parents as it would be very risky to separate them from each other. According to doctors, it could lead to death for both sisters, so their parents did not take the risk of separation. With the passage of time, parents started to have proud on their decision. They further said twins are spending life wonderfully being conjoined but it may have some problems after separation (being not conjoined).

Conjoined sisters passed their driving test and have started to drive car. In 2008, both got their graduate degree from high school. After that they got admission in Bethel University in Arden Hills, the city of USA. While having conversation with anyone, both sisters have their own distinct ideas to express. Both have their own likes and dislikes even in the matter of dressing.

Due to their some unique appearance, they always received some extra attention from people and the media. When they were at 16 of their age, one private channel of USA got interview of both sisters. During the interview, they did not show any discouragement regarding their body condition. They happily shared their daily routine life with private channel and also told the future plans.

In his special interview with private channel of USA, they mentioned they wanted to have documentary for people who gave them extra attention and wanted to get pictures with them. They do not wish any special treatment from common society as they dislike it. They have only one purpose of this documentary program just to tell the people about themselves. In this documentary, both sisters’ whole life discussed plainly and their family members also shared their some unique habits. So do not forget to see this documentary program.

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Conjoined Sisters in Minnesota, USA

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