Companion of Prophet Muhammad Commits Wrong deed

At the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) one of his companions came to him and said he had had some extramarital relations and demanded for punishment. According to Islamic rules and regulation the person who attempts the above said deed he has to face the punishment in which culprit is sentenced by throwing stones until he dies.

When he was admitting what he had done yet the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was turning away from him and was saying him to go and you did nothing. He did not stop to confess and again come in front of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and again repeat his sentence. Prophet Muhammad again reacted in the same way and tried to avoid it.

Actually Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is like a blessing and he never wants anything wrong for all of his Ummah. So in this context, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wanted to skip him from this sentence which was going to be applied on him after committing that wrong deed. But that companion also did not go anywhere and remained there and continuously admitting his fault.

When he said it fourth time then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was helpless before the rules of Islam. Because it is necessary to sentence as there must be four witnesses or one confesses it four times then it is considered a sufficient proof for the implementation of sentence. After having all these proofs, Prophet Muhammad again tried to spare his life.

This time Prophet Muhammad asked from his society is he smashed, people said that he is not in this condition. If one person had said he was smashed the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would have spared him. Then Prophet Muhammad again chose another way to spare him and asked again from people is he out of senses. Then reply was again same as he was not out of senses.

Then Prophet agreed to sentence him by obeying the rules and regulations and said let us fulfill the order of Allah. Yes! He is our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who never wants to see us in trouble even if we commit wrong deed. He prays for us every time and every moment for our forgiveness from Allah. Should we forget that Prophet? No… we never forget our Prophet and should try to remember him every time and every moment.

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