Commander in Chief Says: No need to Worry

Commander in Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif says in his recent statement being a True Pakistani we have no need to be intimidated from India’s provocative statements. Commander in Chief talks to media at Parliament House when he meets with incumbent President Mamnoon Hussain and also addresses to a supreme legislative body of country in a joint session.

He further vowed to response in a befitting way in a case of any attempt to destabilize Pakistan from India’s side. He emphasized in his speech and mentioned clearly as we are fully skilled to defend our country by any means. Commander in Chief further added and told about the security situation of whole country which was improving day by day.

Commander in Chief General Raheel Sharif further mentioned in his speech about the ongoing war and said it would definitely continue until the elimination of last enemy of our country. He apparently warns to one of neighbor country to refrain from interfering in Pakistan’s personal matters and especially to use proxies.

Conversation of prosperity and success between these two countries again has been deteriorated in current weeks, chiefly due to irresponsible provocative statements from Indian officials and its cabinet members. It seems as leaders of both sides tries to sit together but the lower staff of Indian side did not want to be gathered at any point.

In last days, Manohar Parrikar, Indian Defence Minister, delivers a statement in which he used very harsh language regarding disputing matters of both countries. In response, Commander in Chief General Raheel Sharif could not remained at back end after this repugnant statement and gives a reasonable answer to him and to all his cabinet.

Commander in Chief including all his cabinet has firm testimonies as the main Indian intelligence agency is directly involved to create disturbance in one of Pakistan’s Province named Baluchistan. Talking about “nefarious designs”, Islamabad is predominantly anxious which is going to be created volatility in our country just to fail the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor.

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