Collision of Airplane occurs with Giraffe at Runway

A very different story reported about the collision of airplane with Giraffe at its own runway. People may have ever wondered about the incidents like collisions of airplane with giraffe just like little animal running on runway in Montana. I never wondered about this collision until seeing the give video.

After having the whole collision of Airplane, according to my opinion, there are numbers of animals which become the reason for collision at different spots around the world. Talking about the discussed story, it looks like strange and curious as how is it possible a collision of airplane with giraffe which stuns everyone.


Correctly, it seems resembling with the same story in which two bald eagles caused the crash landing in Minnesota airport runway. Here, another giraffe was collided in Africa with Cessna. Here question arise, is there a large population of giraffe in this area similar to deer population?

Talking about the story behind this whole incident, one of researchers of African Wild Dogs who was collided with giraffe in Botswana at Santaawani airstrip as it was very close to Maun. After watching the whole scenario where it was collide, it could be presumed as it happened during landing. In this collision, pilot remains safe with minor injuries.

But, the giraffe was dead after this collision and the aircraft was also collapsed bitterly and not able to fly. The whole matter does not finish here as there are also many incidents reported which also resembled to all these events. There was also another collision of airplane reported in Namibia on gravel airstrip.

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