Cobra swallows school female student

Cobra swallows to school female when cobra was waiting for its food. It got female of very little age who was there with other school friends. They were all at picnic and enjoying a lot. She came in the bushes for hiding purposes where cobra was waiting for her.

When she saw to cobra she was frightened badly and tried to go back but it was too late. Cobra abruptly stung at her and she was on ground. She just made a little move which was not enough and was also stopped after few seconds. Her other friends were got upset about her as she was not come.

When all other school students reached to bushes they saw her friend lying on ground in senseless conditions. They were also stunned when they saw very big cobra near to her. They all rushed towards teachers and told them the whole incident. They were all moved to that victim girl with local man.

Fortunately, that man already had some experience about snakes and cobras. He did not wait and abruptly wrapped to cobra in his cloak and picked her up on his shoulder and asked to them to follow him. He did not wait anything and took to cobra including girl to his master for her remedy.

After reaching there, he saw as master also got ready for some different work. When he saw to cobra he started to give some oil to cobra. After getting that oil, cobra started to push back little girl which it had engulfed from forest. Luckily she was taking breath and she was saved later.


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