Former CIA Agent in New York Praises ISI

New York: CIA is stand for Central Intelligence Agency that is serving his country from 1947 to till date. It is considered as of the best intelligence agency of USA.  Spy agencies are also considered to be stuff of science and fiction. Virginia and Langley are the cities in United States of America in which headquarters of CIA are working, just two miles away from Washington DC.

In the given clip, one can see that one former CIA agent named Michael Scheuer is speaking very clearly about the role of intelligence agencies. According to him, all intelligence agencies are bound only to support their own governments and to protect their own country by all means. It is the main basic rule on which each intelligence agency is considered to be bound to obey.

He also condemns the consideration of his team mates (CIA agents) and the whole world about the ISI as it is taken as violent organization. He further explains in this regard not only foreigners but also Pakistanis have the same notions about his intelligence agency which is very wrong.

While giving interview to private channel in New York, he praised a lot to ISI having very disciplined and professional approach. He shares twenty-year experience that he has spent with ISI during his service. He rates ISI as very able, intelligent and clever agency in the rest of the world.

Mr. Michael Scheuer does comparison of ISI with CIA and confesses the will power and devotion of ISI agents with their work which is extraordinary. He also praises the measured role of ISI during Afghanistan war as he believes that Pakistan will have to live in this era but America will not. So he does not accuse to ISI as other officials of America claims.

In the end of his interview in New York, Mr. Scheuer acknowledges that America is fully responsible for the present turmoil condition in Afghanistan. He further added with open heart that they have not manly features in their nations as we get depressed after receiving 160 dead bodies in a year. On the other hand, our enemies are receiving hundreds dead bodies in a week and they are still ready to sacrifice more.

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