China Seeks Trust to Work with South Korea

China is on its way to seek trust to work with South Korea and also planning to move forward having good relations around the world from economic point of view. Setting aside all old clashes with its even ideological opponent, it has gone to give real shape to its thinking by having a visit in South Korea in July 2014. It is the first time in history when Chinese President made his first official visit in South Korea rather than North Korea. The increasing exchanges between South Korea and China in economics and other departments have become the main motive to bring close both countries.

On the other hand, the recent behavior of North Korea is too much nasty but China still wants to have better relation with North Korea. North Korea did not have ears over Chinese suggestions and started to create predicaments in the regional politics in the interests of China. The foreign policy between two countries got too much disturbed at times when North Korea started to execute nuclear and missile tests embarrassing China that was very vocal in the favor of North Korea. This dreadful action has left behind North Korea in the world that is why China also has started to have better relations with South Korea.

China always cherished for a peaceful Korean peninsula without any nuclear-assets experiments. Furthermore, China also stressed in the summit meet with South Korea in Beijing that it would never be acceptable any expansion in nuclear program in peninsula. It was the big reason for South Korea for giving importance to China at large that broke the rhythm of North Korea about its nuclear assets’ upgradation.

The Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping is on his way to get the smooth relation with South Korea in the absence of US who is somewhat rude with Japan about its aggressive postures. Due to the tussles of US and Japan regarding security, history and territorial issues, some gaps have also been created between US and South Korea. The US does not have intention to obstruct Japanese Prime Minister to avoid this behavior of revisionist.

In fact, China is trying to pave his way with South Korean on the present discontent situation with US that is created on aggressive behavior of Japan. Critics states that it seems difficult to dilute this condition between these two big powers and this dispute may proceed at large by producing too many political changes in the region.

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