Child bears with Weird Body parts

Incomplete growth of new born baby becomes problem not for parents but also for doctors as well. The given video is also related to that new born baby who has incomplete growth unexpectedly. According to doctors, he had some problem while in the belly of his mother due to which he could not grow well.

According to information, he can take breath very well but his eyes were not fully opened. Eyes had membrane which was red in color and he was not able to open it. He was also drinking mild amazingly but was not looking well as children looks when they are born.

Actually it was the reason which was questionable from his parents. They also asked to doctors for his remedy but they totally denied for it and did not say anything positive in this regard. They also asked them to go home as he would not survive more than 2-3 days.

Doctors further told them as due to some infection of serious problem in his mother’s belly, baby could not grow well. They further told them as she also need to be proper check up in her further pregnancy otherwise she can also face the same problem.

They also told to them as baby was too young, so they could not operate it. His skin and other body parts could not afford the hardness of operation. They only asked them for pray for their children and nothing else. his mother was crying  and asking for help from doctors who were also helpless in this regard.

Shocking face of NewBorn Baby | Babylooks 80… by RealNewsTV

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