Capital Punishment which were used across the World

To announce capital punishment for culprits which committed very wrong acts has been very tough decision due to presence of human rights organizations. These organizations do not allow in developed countries to give capital punishment in those developed countries. They easily can render hurdles by different ways to stop that capital punishment using various human rights.  However, talking about the religion Islam there is no leverage in this punishment to the culprits.

Talking about the capital punishment, the ruler of any country is totally responsible for this to continue the death sentence or to stop it. Its totally depends on the upper house of where selected people sat for making constitution to make better of their own country. Some people also want to know about the Islamic rules about the capital sentence which would be discussed later.

Now are we are going to discuss those nine capital punishment method which were used to give to culprits around the world in ancient times. Definitely the method to give punishment would be different but at the end the result of all punishments were the same. We are unable to give you video proof for these capital punishments but here we have some details about these punishments.

If we discuss about the death sentence in recent era, most of the country give death sentence by hanging the culprits. This is the same method which is still applied in our country Pakistan since its independence and there is no other method which is considering for replacing it. Talking about the Arabs country where capital punishment is given to culprits by slicing their neck from the body away.

In European countries, courts suggest to given death penalty by sitting the culprits on electric chair though the scientists have proven it the wrong way for taking life or to give death penalty to anyone. Talking about the Islamic ways of capital punishment is still stand and nobody could not prove it wrong. So, the English people do not use this method of death penalty due to some reasons.

There are also some other methods like to fill the room with some irritating gas and throw the culprits in that room and in this way those culprits were got out of breath. In ancient times, culprits were also put in the big vessel under beneath a very big fire were waiting for him to roast. So, culprits got their capital punishment in this brutal way.


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