Canadian Citizen Performs in London

London: The people of London are very fond of to see wonderful performances and they are very renowned to have a lot of talent in themselves. Britain’s Got Talent is also the biggest show that is going to break the records which have been made in the past. June 9, 2007 was the date when it was launched in United Kingdom and then so on.

Simon Cowell is the name who is the creator of this gigantic show with the perfect direction of Jonathan Bullen. Auditions are always held from different cities of United Kingdom like Manchester, Birmingham, London and Cardiff. In one season, the audition session was started from Scotland just to change the style which was highly appreciated by the audience.

Darcy Oake is 26-year-old male who flew from Canada and landed in London to become a part of Britain’s Got Talent. He is magician by birth as he says that he used to do these things with his family members. First time, he started to illusions the people at the age of 12 at the birthday party. He shares his notions about his past and he used to become a doctor but he could not.

Darcy Oake tells in his interview that he wants to join such a big show that has its root all over the world. He further says that he wants to perform on global scale where people of whole world can see his performance. He says that he knows this performance can change his whole life at once. He also has a degree in this field.

He started his magician with matchbox and fire to a feather; he got one pigeon and one more with this fire. He further got one little bird and after that a little cage for that bird. After doing this, he covers the big cage in which pigeons are waiting for his next trick. When he removes the cloak from the cage, it has been converted into a spicy female.

This trick got too much famous not only in London but also in the whole world. About twenty million people saw this trick on Youtube. All people who were sat there praised a lot on his brilliant performance. Judges were also speechless and had no word for his illusionist art. After all, he got green signal from the judges and enter in the next round of Britain’s Got Talent.

Darcy Oake Stuns People in London

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