Bungee Jumping Completes the Tourism Circle

Tourists from all around the world could not afford the gap of bungee jumping or bungy jumping during tourism. Undoubtedly, tourism does not look like completed with a big gap of bungee jumping as people love to do it. Bungee jumping spelled as another wording like bungy jumping around the world.

When it talks about the bungy jumping or bungee jumping, it is one of favorite activity of tourists. In considers like a game in which man or men are attached to strong cord that is fully elastic including one tall structure. Tall structure is normally fixed at height and can be building, crane or bridge.

Bungee jumping also does not demand for a fixed object as discussed above but it can be done from movable object like helicopter, hot air balloon or anything else having the ability to halt above the ground. According to one of jumpers, a amazing thrill comes after having free fall and rebounding.

Bungee jumping or bungy jumping does not have very long history as it was started for the first time in 1st April, 1979. The first ever bungee jump was done from Clifton Suspension Bridge from the height of 250 feet in Bristol.

David Kirke and Simon Keeling were the first ones who dare to do this who were also members of Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club. When they dared of jumping from height they also caught by the police as it was not legal but after a short period they were released. After that, both succeeded to get the sponsorship from one TV channel.

Undeniably, tourism seems like empty without bungee jumping as people of developed countries love to jump from height using the elastic cord. According to history, the first organized bungee jumping or bungy jumping was started from Auckland’s Greenhithe Bridge in New Zealand in 1986.


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