Brief History of Palestine

When Arab Muslims conquered Palestine in 640 A.D, the people who were reigning on this land were the followers of Christian religion. Arab rulers did not force them to convert their religion at all. Muslim rulers started to collect tax from this Christian community and used to give them security in return.

When Jerusalem was conquered by Salahuddin Ayubi in the end of 12th century, even at that time, the whole territory was populated with Christians. Critics said after the arrival of Salahuddin Ayubi in Palestine, Christians started to convert into religion of Islam by their own will.

One thing that needs to be noted which comes in one’s mind that it was not the territory of Jews at all. Even Jews supported to Salahuddin against Christians at the time of war in Palestine. Jews had not any definite locality for their identity till the end of 19th century.

Actually Jews were living in different countries in the world like in America, England, Germany and many other countries. When Hitler started grand operation against Jews they decided to get their own country at any cost. They started to support to America and England against Germany and demanded for free country in return.

At the time of First World War, England and America had great run short of capital and Jews supported these countries to defeat the forces of Germany. After the great success from Hitler, the government of England helped Jews to settle in Palestine, the place where Jews wanted to be settled.

Jews claimed that they are the real owner of this land Palestine and they were forced to leave their land. Now they have come back in the Jerusalem some decades ago and started to establish the Jews’ communities. For this purpose, they are also gathering to all Jews in a single unit from all around the world.

Due to the construction of the Jews communities, a regular fight has been the part of life of both sectors, Jews and Palestinian Muslims. Jews are in power as they have their strong economy sector around the world and no one country is in this position to fight with Jews.

Given video link is the testimony of this senselessness of the Muslim world as Palestinian Muslims are appealing to all Muslim World especially from Pakistan to come for reconciliation but in vain.

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