Brave Statement by Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief recently delivered a new statement in a reaction of one of neighboring country politician in which he said something in provocative manner which was disliked by everyone. General Raheel Sharif, Commander in Chief, says we are competent to give reasonable answer to any provoking statement; he delivered this open message not only to his nation but also to his enemy.

General Raheel Sharif, Commander in Chief, was addressing to legislative body in one of joint session where he also met with sitting President Mamnoon Hussain. He gave this statement through media when he was at Parliament House. The sitting Commander in Chief is going to be very popular due its current daring actions and statements against any opponent elements.

He did not stay on this but also encouraged to his nation by saying this as we would react in befitting style if anyone intended to undermine our beloved country. He further highlighted its country defense system and reminded to everyone as we would reply by using all its resources in a case of any offense.

Sitting Commander in Chief also reminded about the ongoing situation of our beloved country and again said vigorously it would never end until we eliminate last enemy of this country. He also warned to refrain intervening one of neighboring country in our personal matter, especially said to stop its old way to use proxies.

It seems as the whole efforts of Prime Leaders of both sides remained set aside and have no importance for Indian Parliament Members as irresponsible statement are delivered from their sides off and on. As in last days, one of Indian Minister reacted very badly regarding the current disputes of both countries and also tried to offend the sovereignty of beloved country.

In this response, Commander in Chief delivers proper message delicately to them as if they have any bad intention to subvert so it would not be easy for them to do so. He further mentioned their intervention in one of our province and also warned them to do so.

General Raheel Sahrif says no Need to Worry

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