Brave Girl Slaps in Train in London

London: One lad got punishment during his journey in train in London when he started to harass one female and did not stop even after receiving a lot of warnings. That stupid person got too much disturbed after facing such type of furious reaction and again came forward to commit another mistake to beat the girl. But this time, people who were watching the entire scene stopped him to do that.

It is a great matter of humiliation to get punishment from a lady especially at times when numbers of people are standing nearby the incident. But, here I would like to say that all these matters of respect and humiliation only belong to those who give respect others especially the female ones. But this lad crossed all limits of ethics and even did not care the rules of London City.

Not only in London City but also in the whole Europe there are some rules about ethics especially when we talks about females. We should treat females honourably not only in train but also everywhere in the whole world. That immature lad who was travelling in train in London must teach some lesson after this disrespectful incident.

There are also some policemen deputed in trains in London City for the safety of public and keep the public away from unpleasant event. In the above discussed matter, that lad may have again got some punishment from magistrate of London City on the complaint of harassed lady. Rules are the key things in these countries like United Kingdom that keeps these countries on the top level in the world.

There are few incidents that arise in the public places like this one and people do not like those rubbish mentality people and push them back severely. People always give respect to others while travelling and never ever disturbed one another and it signifies the good ethics of any nation.

If we talk about the London City and travelling in the trains, one will see the people travelling in trains in London even Prime Minister of United Kingdom also likes to travel through train. So some rotten eggs always exist in big nations it does not mean that the whole nation is the same. It will not be justifiable to judge the whole nation upon one incident.


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