Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan speaks about Intolerance

Recently, one of famous Bollywood actor Aamir Khan speaks about the intolerant situation of his country, India. Bollywood superstar says as he feels somewhat insecure while living in his own country India. He further adds the recent intolerant incidents within India which are not acceptable at any cost.

When Aamir was talking about recent situation of his own country he further shared his wife notions. He said he was getting recommendations by his wife to leave India due to intolerant incidents. Aamir Khan was in New Delhi when he delivered such statements to print and social media.

Aamir did not stop on his statement but also support to those people who had given back their national awards. Actually, few days back, some renowned personalities also have returned their awards to government as a protest and demanded for peace and calm. They also forced to government to stop the prejudiced incidents in India.

There are numbers of people who are supposed to be hero for the nation; they have come forward for this noble cause to stop this bigoted series in India. So some of them selected this way to express disappoint and discontentment by returning their awards and they did so.

Talking about the Aamir Khan, he further adds when he finds some breaking and unhappy news on media it hurts him too much. So he also gets alarmed about himself and his family life which no one can deny. He further said as it is not a single incident but look like serial which seems as it would carry on.

Aamir Khan talks about his family especially about his wife’s notions as she has advised him to leave India. According to this Bollywood actor he feels insecure about his children, his wife and his family as a whole.

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