Blood Moon in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Sapporo

A bizarre eclipse of moon has been observed by sky-watchers from Melbourne to Sapporo and then in Los Angeles in the end. Moon got his name by the sky-watchers as a Red Moon when it again aligned with its two other celestial partner named earth and sun. It was not seen by all the residents of earth. It is seen in Japan’s city named Sapporo, part of Northern Japan and in some other parts of Australia.

It could also be seen in Sydney but clouds and rain were the reason and became the hurdle for the sky-watchers. So it did not happen in Melbourne and the Moon Lovers had a clean night without clouds and rain. This recreational activity is only happened in Melbourne in south part of Australia to have a sight of Red Moon. The crazy lover of Red Moon of Sydney missed it but it was not the last time of turning the Moon into Red.

About 200 people arranged a festival to get the wonderful sight of Red Moon in the city of northern Japan named Sapporo. According to them, this unusual celestial activity drew all of us to view the wonderful formation of Red Moon after aligning the three most important celestial objects. People had no bound of joys after seeing magical turning of white Moon into Red.

Los Angeles was also listed in those cities around the world where this mesmerizing event happened. It was also sighted in Los Angeles in early morning on Saturday when moon got red-tinged. This whole process called as lunar eclipse that is too rare to happen as it was total lunar eclipse. It happens only when the moon gets its full shape called as full moon.

The recent blood moon appeared on 4th April, 2015 as it occurred for the third time in two years. The last two blood-moon shape appeared on the sky on 15th April, 2014 and 8th October, 2014 respectively. So the fourth full lunar eclipse will give pleasure to sky-watchers on 28th September, 2015. So good news for those in Sydney who could not have mesmerizing view of Blood Moon this time.

In this perspective of full lunar eclipse, Los Angeles is the only city in America in which sky watcher can have this sight of full moon resembling the blood spot on sky. The same process of blood moon would not come again before 20 years or so. So Blood-Moon lovers would have only one chance in the coming September 2015 to see it again.

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