Blood Moon Also Appeared in Sydney and Melbourne

One memorable eclipse of full moon that turned into Red is seen Melbourne the city of Australia. Sydney was another city who could have this event if clouds and rain did not disturb. North American City Los Angeles has had a front row seat around the world to have full Blood Moon view on Saturday. It is also recorded as a briefest eclipse from all previous recorded ones of this century. It was also appeared in Japan city in Sapporo.

The sky lovers of Sapporo in Japan enjoyed it a lot as they arranged a full festival plan to have this celestial view. In Sydney, people had missed it due to the intervention of clouds and rain. But it was the country Australia where it was sighted in two cities Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne is a south part of its country, so people grabbed the whole scene with their full eyes and made it memorable.

The transformation of full moon into red color was worth-seeing. The alignment of three celestial objects named Moon, Earth and Sun gives birth to this bizarre event for sky-watchers. In the ancient time, it was taken as bad emblem for the people. It was also said jaguar attacked on the moon at the time of lunar eclipse. So they used to make noise at the time of eclipse and started to beat their dogs to howl and bark.

According to them, it would help to drive the jaguar away but it was just thinking of ill-lettered people. So lunar eclipse did not have their lovers in the ancient time as in these days people love to see it and arrange the parties to have its wonderful view on the sky. About the jaguar, one story also has been made as jaguar eats the moon at the time of lunar eclipse.

So the people of Inca had fear about Jaguar as after eating the moon, the jaguar would definitely destroy the earth to eat people. On the other hands, they also had to face some problems in their daily routine life after having lunar escape. So it was all perceptions of old people, the present days could not be resembled by those thinking.

In the end, I would like to announce the news for those people of Sydney who had missed the celestial view of lunar eclipse. It would come again in September of this year and it must be noted by the sky watchers. The people would not able to see it again after September 2015 until it completes its 20 years. So get ready for September to have full sight of lunar eclipse.


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