Blonde Girl who Earns Million Dollars

Like many other Universities students, this girl named Odette Delacroix was also searching for any other source of income to complete her degree. It was the time when she decided to get degree in English four years back. Many students at last turn to some lowest work which does not suit them but they do.

So she decided to launch her own business which was totally different and astonishing for everyone around the world. She astonishes everyone by doing something entirely different. After adopting that business, now it has been her full time job and feeding her a lot. That girl is earning in hundred-dollars per week.

According to some source, this girl earns a lot also from men who keen to see her when she got squashed by other women. Sometimes, Odette Delacroix, who is very less weight, also squashed up to more than three fat woman which is too much difficulty for any ordinary girl. But, she still claims as it is nothing but a job.

She also speaks about herself as she says it sounds like weird but she loves to be squashed. According to her she says it’s a thrill and she likes it very much. She further added she gets pleasure to be pinned down, surrounded or trapped. She loves to do all this and is earning lot of money by doing this.

She posts her videos habitually when she is going to be crushed by bulky ones on different social media sites. According to her, she earned by this odd profession about more than 1,00,000 dollars in a month. Undoubtedly, she speaks it sometimes leaves me uncomfortable but not most of the time as I enjoy it.

Off course, this girl also has risk in this practice as she is doing on daily basis. Sometimes, she confesses a very huge mass has to face her that becomes the reason to hold her breath. It has been for four times while she has started this practice. She further explains sometimes she also faces risk for her life during filming.


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