Blessed Mosque built by Prophet Muhammad in Madina

Video and photos of that acclaimed Masjid that was manufactured a very long time back by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is known not individuals through the Islamic books and the religious individuals that Non Muslims attempted to stop it. They tossed stones in it to hurt the Prophet PBUH while he was imploring in it. Allah helped Him by requesting that the air stop the stones noticeable all around.

Supernatural occurrence of Air identified with this Masjid was referred to the non Muslims too. Everyone got astounded when the stones were halted by the air and did not reach to the Messenger of Allah. The stones couldn’t defy Allah. The foes of Muslims and the Prophet PBUH couldn’t accept what truly happened to the stones.

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The video and the photos of the Masjid was shared on the online networking by a portion of the Muslim siblings who went there to see independent from anyone else. He clarified that it has been in the same circumstance since the period of that maturity when the Prophet used to implore in it.

There was another Masjid that took the consideration of the considerable number of Muslims in Switzerland. It was shut a few years back since individuals could hear the sound of the Azan there.

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