Bizarre incident reports regarding slaughtering

In days of  Eid ul Adha, numbers of weird incidents report through different channels like social media and multimedia. To give sacrifice is considered necessary in the religion of Islam and Muslims in the whole world do it whole heartedly. When people perform this religion activity, numbers of weird incidents report which sometimes seem ridiculous.

Eid ul Adha actually an event which is commemorated in the name of Prophet Ibrahim R.A in religion Islam. He is also the most respected Prophet of Allah and is ancestors of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He saw a dream as he is going to sacrifice his one and only son named Prophet Ismail R.A.

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Firstly, he took it as a dream but he became upset when he again saw the same dream in next night. Then he understood as it is not accidental but Allah wants to take sacrifice to his son. He also asked his son which he saw in dream and Ismail R.A. also got ready for this without any hesitation.

Then both son and father decided to go out in desert where they would be able to do it easily without any hurdle. When Ibrahim R.A. started to slaughter both got amazed when they saw as one sheep was there replacing the Ismail R.A. which got slaughtered. Then Allah said to Ibrahim R.A and Ismail as he had been happy with both of them.

Now Muslims around the world repeat this practice on every Eid ul Adha and do it regularly. This festival is only compulsory for those Muslims who have enough money to purchase the animals. During slaughtering very hilarious incidents come to see as numbers of non professional appear on earth to slaughter the animal which create problems.

Those slaughters come in the market to earn money as professional ones have not enough time for slaughtering the animals at times. So people seems helpless to heir those non professionals and are also waiting for something different with their animals during slaughtering. Sometimes those non professionals even seem helpless to seize the animal which is considered the first stage for slaughtering.

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