Bilal Qutab talks about very crucial matter

Syed Bilal Qutab is the name which has got too much fame in Pakistan due to more than his Sufism rather than his technical field. He serves to the nation of Pakistan as a Teacher, Intellectual and Host. He owns a degree of architecture which he has passed from National College of Arts. He also owns a firm of architecture. He got too much viewership within no time especially in Pakistan and around the world.

In the given clip, Syed Bilal Qutab is talking about the ethics which is firmly attached to our religion Islam. He is supporting his sayings with the example of Haram and Hilal. He says openly that people are only having concerns with money no matter from where it is coming. If our nation continue with the same pace and will not have any regret then more problems will have to face.

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Bilal Qutab further talks about the banks and claims that there is no difference between commercial banking and Islamic Banking. Here again he is accusing to the sitting government who is not playing its role to cease this practice. According to him, as he himself is a member of one Islamic bank, it must be ceased because it is big joke with the nation of Pakistan.

Further, Bilal Qutab expands this subject to the parents, teachers, leaders and in the last and very important to our religious scholars and assigns the responsibility to build the character of Muslim nation to them which is correct. When we saw in the past the nations who suffered badly and sentenced to death or their faces got changed, all were about ethics rather than not to perform prayers or hajj.

Bilal Qutab shares his past experience in this clip and talks about Jew Institution in England where he listened very wonderful Arabic voice in Iraqi Style. He said when it was come to know that it was not Muslim Institution, it was difficult to believe.So, in very next context, he says that he was agreed that it was a Jew Institution when he met with a Jew who had long beard like Muslim but did not offer prayer. On asking him about this act, he said that he has offered all his prayers in Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan.

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