Bilal Qutab talks about Sensitive Matter

A name which has got fame within no time not only in Pakistan but also in Gulf countries, is one and only Syed Bilal Qutab. Syed Bilal Qutab got his professional education from National college of Arts which is situated in Lahore. He is serving Pakistani nations at a time with three categories like Host, Teacher and Intellectual. He is also owner of one architecture firm. Having lot of viewership not only in Pakistan but also in the world, he always seems very cooperative to their followers and students as well.

While watching given clip, it will come to us how important are the ethics values for a Muslim society. Without obeying them, Muslim society can never progress by leaps and bounds and will surely suffer with different problems. He further explains if we did not stop ourselves to do wrong deeds, more problems will definitely be waiting for us.

Bilal Qutab clearly unveils the reality of Islamic banks which are definitely playing with the emotions of Muslims as they are not practicing Islamic principles. He also mentions about his position as he is also a member of one of so called Islamic bank. He emphasizes on the government to play role to stop these institutions.

Then Bilal Qutab turns toward the main pillars who are responsible for the present condition of Muslim society. He questions on the role of parents who falls at first position and then to the teachers and leaders of a Muslim state. In the end, he criticizes the most to the Islamic Scholars who have been totally failed to perform their role.

He tells about his one visit in England where he had a chance to go in an institution where he listened Arabic voice which was mesmerizing to him. After sometime, it was come to him; it is not a Muslim Institution but a Jew Institution. In the end, he shares very strange incident in Dubai, where he met with a man with long beard. When Bilal Qutab asked him why he did not go for prayer, he said that he is a Jew and has offered many prayers in Pakistan in Dera Ismail Khan.


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