BCCI Acquires Services of Deepika Padukone

The star of Bollywood Deepika Padukone has got the event of inauguration to launch the jerseys of Indian Cricket Team for coming World Cup 2015. “Nike”, the company of manufacturing sports launched the kit of Indian Cricket Team for One-Day International Cricket World Cup 2015. So everyone can see the players of India wearing the new kit in Cricket World Cup which is going to be started in February 2015.

Deepika Padukone was the first one who wore the kit and stood as a launching personality in an inauguration ceremony. The kit also got more attraction as Deepika launched it as well as it declared as the final uniform of 2015 Cricket World Cup of India.

The kit also has another reason for attraction as it has made of plastic bottles after recycling of plastic. It is said that total 33 bottles are used to make the one whole kit. The kit is made on the principles for providing more comfort and relaxation to the players during ODI matches.

This kit has no weight and claimed as mixture of sustainability and high performance by Nike. According to the Nike, uniform of the Indian Cricket Team was designed after having the idea of athletes who gave them better suggestions while recycling it.

Deepika Padukone is also active athlete and has been a wonderful player of badminton. She is a daughter of famous badminton player named Prakash Padukone. Undoubtedly, she loves with games and also takes part in the whole IPL matches whole heartily.

Neha Dhupia was another female actor of Bollywood who was also invited in the inauguration ceremony. She also expressed her well-wishing thoughts to the Indian Team and felt a lot of proud while being a part of this great ceremony.

Deepika Padukone has been too much attached sometimes with cricket players and sometimes with cricket. She has had relation with Yuvraj Singh and has been seen too much in cricket matches at the time of friendship.

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