Baby Borns Having Nose like Elephant Trunk

One baby borns in Norway who has resemblance of Elephant Trunk by his nose with two hands and two legs which are not similar to human being. Reporter says about the parents of that unique child as when he was born his parents tried to hide him in their home basement and they had intentions to keep him secrete from the whole world.

But after some times, they understood very soon as it is impossible to keep him secrete due to his unique features resembling with elephant trunk. But more importantly as his parents were not happy by his birth but people of Hindu community celebrated in India on his birth and took him as God’s gift and started to approach him.

For those who do not know about the connection of the Hindu community with that elephant shaped baby, actually Hindu community has one of his Gods having the resemblance of elephant. That God named as Ganesha having one elephant head and with many hands like human beings. But, by the nature will, that elephant shaped boy was born in Norway not in India.

As Alexandar and Lola Andersen the parents of that elephant like baby did not want to show their baby to outsiders on which they got failed and people started to know about it. So media started to teach them day and night and they got fed up with it. They also appealed from them to leave them alone and not to stay in front of their home.

According to some reporters when they asked him his mother about his name she said they never name him and further said they were finding some unique name for him. They further mentioned as they were very sad about their baby having elephant shape. She further pointed some people of Hindu community who were continuously disturbing them.

At the end, according to some reporters parents are treating their own baby mutant very disrespectfully as they already tried to hide from the eyes of people due his resemblance like elephant trunk. They further say as they are considering donating his child to Hindu community in India where he would have better future with luxurious life in Taj Mahal.


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